Welcoming a New Pet While Starting a Home Business

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Starting a home-based business is a smart move if you want freedom and flexibility. When you’re starting a business from home, it may also be a good time to welcome a pet to provide companionship as you begin your new venture.

If you're introducing a pet into your home, be patient as you both settle in. According to animal experts, it can take a new cat or dog anywhere from a few weeks to several months to adjust to a new living situation. Preparing ahead of time will get you and your pet off to a good start.

Office Setup

Before you begin, set up a dedicated office space. Think about the equipment you need, such as:

● Office chair

● The right desk

● Laptop or desktop computer

● Printer

● Phone with a separate business line

As you design your office, secure any hazardous items. Loose wires or decorative plants could attract a curious cat or puppy.

If you have room, create an area for your pet. Cats or small dogs might enjoy a window perch. Add a comfortable bed and water bowl. Toys can entertain your pet while you work. Buy several and rotate them occasionally to prevent boredom.

The Right Start

Once you've established a workspace, it's time to focus on business. Writing a business plan is essential to creating a growth strategy, determining how much money you need and attracting investors.

It’s a good idea to form an LLC for your new business. LLCs have tax advantages; they are automatically sole proprietorships or partnerships that use pass-through taxation. This allows expenses and income to go to the owners’ tax returns, and responsibility is paid as personal tax on profits. LLCs do not have the paperwork requirements of a traditional corporation. Also, limited liability means you cannot lose your personal assets to business debts. Before starting the process of forming an LLC Ohio, review the state's requirements to make sure you're following the steps legally, and look into utilizing a formation service to simplify and save money on registration.

Helpful Routines

Pets appreciate the stability of a daily routine. If your pet knows what to expect, he or she may not need as much attention.

Daily exercise and playtime are healthy for both of you. Try taking a walk or exploring the yard each morning. Your dog might enjoy playing fetch or tug-of-war. Your cat can play laser tag, find hidden treats or enjoy an interactive toy. Don't forget to spend time just cuddling your pet, giving your undivided attention.

Tech to the Rescue

There's an app for everything, and that includes pets. Look for apps that help you train your puppy, find a pet sitter or set schedules for vet visits. Some apps can do double duty for your business and your pet, like calendar and list-making apps.

Assistance From Others

You will probably need help with your pet sometimes. When you're really busy, other family members can help with pet care and entertainment. You can also find a pet sitter for when you're out of town or simply can't get away from your desk.

Starting a home-based business can be rewarding as you watch your company grow. With the companionship of a new pet, you'll have a constant friend to help you celebrate your success.

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