"There Will Be A 2021 Harvest Home Fair"

The state will allow fairs, festivals, and parades this year. Proms, banquets, and weddings will also be permitted this spring and summer, though masks and distancing rules will be required, Governor. Mike DeWine said, with a detailed announcement on updated social distancing guidelines coming next week.

What You Need To Know The state will allow proms, banquets, weddings, fairs, festivals, and parades this spring.

  • Masks and distancing rules will be required.

  • Ohio expects a much larger vaccine shipment next week — 310,000 first shot doses from Pfizer and Moderna.

  • Ohio is bringing on Walmart and Meijer pharmacies as vaccine providers.

In light of this news, preparation for the Harvest Home Fair and Parade is underway. "There will be a 2021 Fair, and it's time to brainstorm and plan," said Fair Chair Peter Rebold.

The Harvest Home Fair Assassoication is scheduled to meet on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning March 10, at the Harvest Home Lodge from 6:30-8 PM. Volunteers are more than welcome to attend and participate in the planning process of this year's fair.

Interested in being a volunteer for the fair? Contact the Harvest Home Fair Association.

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