The Curious of Heart

Stephanie The Founder of Consistently Curious

The Curious of Heart

As anyone who has ever written anything, sometimes finding a topic you want to write about isn’t always in abundance. That’s how I came across my new favorite local blog “Consistently Curious”. Stephanie who writes the blog posts for Consistently Curious actually started my interview with her, with a question for me. She asked “how did you find me?” In short, I was curious. I was searching for topics on the Westside of Cincinnati and came across this beautiful site with its heart in Cincinnati and its spirit showing me amazing family day trips with beautifully shot photography as the cherry on top. I immediately had to get in contact with the person behind this inspiring creation.

What Is Consistently Curious?

Have you ever felt home-bound because your child(s) needs bring on too much stress or anxiety that the mere thought of being away from the comfort of home is just overwhelming? Well, Stephanie doesn’t subscribe to this. She started Consistently Curious about two years ago and she’s sharing her family's travel tips and memories with us all. I asked her "How did you decide on the name for your blog?" She answered me laughingly “My husband always says I am always so curious about everything. I would send him on the wildest goose chases, so quite honestly I came up with the name of the blog before I knew what I wanted it to be about.” She then went on to tell me a little more in depth about how it all came to be. “I didn’t expect for this to ever turn into anything big, I honestly just wanted to encourage people to find some things they may not know about. I love when that happens to me!” said Stephanie. She went on to say “We always loved traveling before I was pregnant, so we wanted that to continue and document it.” Within five minutes of reading Consistently Curious I learned about things I never knew existed living in Cincinnati for thirty-three years. Now I can cherry pick what sounds fun for me and my son because my trusted guide has already done the heavy lifting.

Tips and Tricks

Knowing where the hidden gems are is one thing, but what about navigating through those activities with a toddler? Now that’s a totally new ballgame. That’s why the “Travel Tips & Hacks” section on the site is a MUST READ. It’s every nightmare and excuse not to go somewhere rolled into your parent survival guide. Everything from attention grabbing games to play on a road trip to the best way to streamline the CVG Airport unfazed is right at your fingertips.

Welcoming A New Experience

Stephanie runs her personal blog with her husband Afshin and their daughter. Afshin’s unofficial title of editor seems to contribute much more than that. This couple is a team. From snowballing idea’s off each other, to being Stephanie’s anchor when her curious nature is treading on trespassing Afshin keeps her feet on the ground. Whether Afshin likes it or not, I think he has another natural explorer in the making. Stephanie told me “My daughter woke up today and asked me are we going exploring today”? She pleasantly responded to her daughter with “Of course we are!”

“Things are nice, but experiences are just priceless”

Stephanie is all about creating experiences and sharing experiences. She seems just as keen on hearing about other peoples adventures as she does sharing her own. She will be the first to admit “People who follow my blog tell me where to go” said Stephanie. Consistently Curious has its own Facebook group as well where this crowd-sourcing for travel destinations, places to eat, and where to stay continues. Follow Consistently Curious on Facebook and then click the groups tab to join in on the fun.

What’s next?

Scheduled for August Stephanie plans to write a “behind the scenes” post about her family’s travels. She may be a pro-toddler traveler, but she assured me her time on the road is not without its hiccup’s. You also might catch her at the WestSide Market August 3rd snapping pictures and finding a new unexplored avenue to walk down.

Not only are you getting some top-notch advice with this blog but the hours of entertainment reading this family’s adventures comes with it completely complimentary. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or just something other than the same old same old. You owe it to yourself to check out

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