The Cheviot Gazette wants you!

Tired of sitting around the house with nothing to do? Why not walk the news beat? The Cheviot Gazette is always looking for fresh volunteers willing to interject their ideas so we can bring our readers the best product possible. Here is what we are looking for;

Investigative reporters- You'll need to make calls, follow up with leads, and search for unique and creative story ideas and then put it to paper!

Small business owner- Do you own a small business? We would love to talk to you about how the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected your business.

Podcast Co-Host- If you're interested you can co-host from the phone via skype or by phone. The shows are recorded so there is no need to be nervous, if you screw up, I will yell at you and then we will do it again.

Editorial writer- Voice your opinion on local issues. Let your voice be heard and move your cause forward.

Guest writers- If you have a story you would like to submit but don't want to commit yourself routinely have no fear! Please contact the Cheviot Gazette at

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