David Voss, Former Police Chief, Now Councilman

Written by Chris Berger

Cheviot Gazette Correspondent.

In 1974, The City of Cheviot gave a civil service test for the hiring of patrol officers. Unknown to David at the time, the testing would lead to a long career with the City of Cheviot. David was appointed as a patrol officer in February 1975. The following year he was promoted to the position of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, he spent a great deal of time handling investigations. In 1985, he scored highest on the Civil Service test and was

promoted to Police Chief, and was sworn in by the then-Mayor Michael Laumann. At the time of his appointment, Cheviot had a mandatory residency requirement for the Chief’s position. David and his family sold their house in Miami Heights and purchased a home in Cheviot. Looking back, moving to Cheviot was the second best decision he ever made. His best decision in life was marrying his wife Jackie. They have been together for over 47 years. David takes great pride in the City of Cheviot. He places a great deal of emphasis on the friendly neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another which helps develop a strong sense of community

From the start of his police service until his retirement in 2011, David served for a total of 36 years. He loves the fact that he had great relationships with the citizens of Cheviot. He has a strong appreciation for the community’s close ties with the police department over the years. In most cases, neighbors would voluntarily offer information to the police. Many times, the information given to police aided in the apprehension of wanted criminals. In one particular case, a robbery suspect who had fled the scene of the crime, and police presence in the neighborhood prompted a resident to keep an eye out, and low and behold, the suspect was hiding under the porch of a neighbor's home. Currently, David serves on the Cheviot City Council representing Ward One. He was appointed to the Council on October of 2017. He was then elected to a four-year term in November of 2017. He serves on the following committees: Chairman of the Finance Committee, member of the Police and Fire Committee, member of the Streets, Sidewalks and Traffic Committee, and member of the Building, / Annexation and Zoning Committee. As Finance Chairman, he leads the committee meetings. One of the main duties of the finance committee is to review the annual city budget every year and report the budget to City Council as a whole, for the final passage. Unlike the federal government, city budgets must be balanced every

year, something David worked hard to make sure that happened.

He is a strong believer that citizens should have full transparency when it comes to

public records. He said, "People should know what is going on in their community by having access to government records and knowing how their taxes are being spent.”. Because of his passion for transparency David was influential in implementing the Open Checkbook for the City of Cheviot.

Open Checkbook is for the purpose of displaying government finances in a searchable format and is available at the fingertips of taxpayers. This database is available on the Cheviot Website for the purview of anyone interested. David’s wife Jackie retired from 5th/3rd Bank. David and Jackie had two children. Their daughter Suzanne was a dentist and passed away four years ago from cancer, leaving behind a loving husband, a 7-month-old, and 4- year-old twins. Their son, John David, has two children. He works in the stock options market.

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