COVID-19 Year Review: Where Are We Now?

Where are we now, 1 year later? Well, a little more than a year, but February seems like the true beginning of this, right? February 2020...Isolation, facial covering, social distancing, sanitizing, washing, cancellations, curfews, protocols, unending nightly updates on the news, no concerts, movies, or parades, no festivals, no nothing until we figure this whole thing out, says the CDC. Only paranoia, love, and death in the time of Covid-19.

What do we know now, 1 year later? Practically nothing, only the newest set of rules we are given, that being the tiers of vaccinations. Another way to classify us and another challenge brought on by the disease that has affected 29.1 million Americans alone. 28.6 million cases, 500 thousand deaths, at the time of this piece being written.

The CDC calls in the interim phase one sequence. A proposed allocation of the vaccine from the most in need to potentially the last to be offered the treatment.

  • 1.A: Health care workers

  • 1.B: Essential workers, as defined as First responders, Educators, and food/agriculture.

  • 1.C: Adults with high-risk medical conditions and adults 65 and older. has a complete presentation on the specifics of the vaccination and its distribution.

The key to all of this isn’t simple or even known, but what we do know is that the things that brought us together; parades, festivals, fairs, bars, and restaurants, the things that are done the best in Cheviot, have sent us indoors. Sent us to isolation, still all these months later.

Cheviot, let's take this time, roughly one year later, to numb the memories of what fun we used to have and instead take time to grieve those we lost, those we used to have fun, laugh, love, and make memories with.

-Stay safe and healthy. Dominic J. Garrison

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