Cheviot: Year-End Police Report

The following is Chief Emmett Stone's end of the year Police Department report which was submitted to City Council, January 20, 2020.

During the calendar year of 2020, The Cheviot Police Department received 5464 calls for service from the HamiltonCounty Communications Center. Not included in that number were 1973 self-initiated/ non-billed details for a total of 7437 dispatcher related responses for service. Officers logged a total of 15553 entries for the year 2020 into our Pamet/Sundance reporting systems. These entries represent extra jobs, building checks, vacation checks, business checks, self-initiated details, details called into the station, directed patrols, etc. Misc. Reports/Details

AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) 220

Over-Dose 30

Burglary Dispatches 67

Burglary Reports 18

B&E Dispatches 8

B&EReports 5

Theft Dispatches 118

Theft Reports101

Lockouts 91

A/A 181

K9 Deployments 52

Officer Commendations Sgt. Dietrich, PO Barlag and PO Peacock were dispatched to a suicidal subject reporting to be in possession of a knife and a handgun threatening to shoot anyone who attempted to enter the apartment. Multiple jurisdictions were on the scene to assist. All three officers demonstrated calm and tactical efficiency. After several hours, the individual finally gave themselves up without further incident. December 2020. PO Bittner and PO Reinshagen were dispatched to a Cardiac Arrest/ Non-Breather. PO Bittner started CPR and continued until medics arrived. They then continued to assist Medics until the patient was transported. June 2020. PO Bittner and PO Reinshagen were dispatched to a cardiac arrest/ Non-Breather. PO Reinshagen started CPR and continued until medics arrived. They then continued to assist Medics until the patient was transported. July 2020. Sgt Patton. My office was notified by an individual who witnessed this incident and wanted to make it known to the Cheviot Police Department. While K9 Sgt Patton was returning from a K9 Mutual Aid request, he observed an elderly female attempting to legally cross a busy roadway. She was in possession of a white safety cane and it was assumed she was blind. As vehicular traffic refused to yield and almost struck the pedestrian, Sgt Patton pulled over, exited his patrol vehicle, stopped traffic, advised the pedestrian who he was and took her hand. He then escorted her safely across the street. Feb 2020. Information of note Two cruisers were ordered from Ford in April of 2019. Those vehicles were finally received March in 2020. They have been outfitted and placed into service. Our new RMS (Sundance) is currently up and running. Pamet has announced their RMS service will reach the end of life in Dec of 2021. Upgrades and support will begin to cease in Dec of 2020. Sundance was put into service in June of 2020. Reports from Pamet are still available on our in-house server.

Cheviot officers logged 688 hrs of training for the 2020 calendar year. Due to COVID-19 much of the training was accomplished online.

Beginning on Nov 21, 2018, our Police Department was issued Narcan. This was issued to officers so they or their partners may administer it in the event an officer becomes overtaken by the effects of an opiate/fentanyl. Additionally, officers may administer the drug to overdose victims if that may be done in a safe environment for all concerned. Officers have administered Narcan 14 times in the calendar year of 2020.

In 2020 we received 15 applications for part-time officers. Out of that number we were able to schedule 8 individuals for interviews. Some did not show up for those interviews. Two individuals made it through the process and were hired. Due to Covidl9, those officers were sworn in by Mayor Keller in a private ceremony.

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