Cheviot: Memorial Day Parade

The Parade started today at 11 am from Frances Avenue and ended at Harvest Home Park for a ceremony.

My son and I took in the view on the corner of Harrison Ave and North Bend Road where we were able to locate some shade.

Cheviot is one of those small City's that takes the time to stop and say "Hello" to eachother. Along the way to our parade location kids were out playing, people were handing out flags, and others settling into their favorite spots to take in the parade.

As our Veterans passed by cheers from the crowd "Thank you!" were echoed throughout the streets. A Soldier announced "Eighty-seven-year-old Veteran marching here" He was carrying a flag staff twice the size of a man. The crowd went nuts. I don't think the eighty-seven-year-old Veteran even broke a sweat today.

In honor of all the brave men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice, thank you. Thank you to all our Veterans, and all active duty military personal. It's an honor to live in the same country as so many brave men and women that are willing to protect it.

God Bless America.

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