Baby Sheep Stolen From St. Martin of Tours

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

"Our family of four is now down to three," said Beth Emery, Business Manager at St. Martin of Tours.

One of the baby sheep statues was stolen outside of St. Martin of Tours Church sometime after Thanksgiving. The statue was last seen at the Thanksgiving Day Mass.

St. Martin's noticed their flock was a little thin yesterday morning and the sheep was officially reported missing.

A Corona bucket used as an outside ashtray from Keller's bar was found in the bushes on the property this morning by a maintenance man.

St. Martin's stated if the sheep is returned, there will be no questions asked:

"We just want it returned to us; the poor sheep family is sad," said Emery.

If you have any information regarding the missing sheep, please contact (513) 661-2000.

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