A Letter From Peter M. Rebold: Harvest Home Festival Chair

The Harvest Home Fair is gone! Even the parade they tried to do was canceled! What's going on? These are the comments that I, as the Fair Chair, and our Harvest Home Fair board members and volunteers, have been hearing from our neighbors who love the parade and the Fair. So, we thought we should bring the community up to date on the future we see for the parade and the Fair.

Dave Backer and his parade committee mounted a noble effort to have a parade in the year of the pandemic, to remind all of us at Fair time, that we are still here and that there will be a parade and a Fair in 2021. Dave and the committee decided in May that even if the Fair couldn't happen, the parade would still be feasible. So they went to work to make it happen. But the situation changed with the COVID-19 between May and September, such that the City of Cheviot, the County and State Boards of Health ruled that the crowd would put the community at risk. So, as we have so often seen in this year of chaos, the disease rules and disrupts our lives and plans. Thank you, Dave, and your committee for a noble effort to bring us to the normal out of the chaos.

People have inquired why we would attempt a parade when the Fair was canceled early in the pandemic. The answer is that in May the disease seemed to be in retreat; we wanted to keep the Fair alive and assure our neighbors that we would be back next year; also, with the Fair, time and logistics involved are far different from the parade.

The Fair is an aircraft carrier, but the parade's a speedboat, put together faster, much less expensive, and easy to change course when conditions change.

In this interval when we don't have a Fair, our board would be very interested and grateful for your suggestions and comments as to how to improve the Fair, its attendance, and what the Fair offers to the community. We know our neighbors all over the West Side and into Indiana love and appreciate the Fair. We want to keep the Fair relevant and contemporary while not losing its identity as the Fair. Please give us your ideas.

Thanks to The Gazette, we will be giving monthly updates on the Fair and your ideas, and our hopes for the Fair of the Future. Look for us next month in the Gazette.

Pete Rebold

The Fair Chair

Contact the Fair with your suggestions here.

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