The Public Library

Updated 8/14/2020

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been emailing all our wonderful customers weekly to update you on how and when we’d be bringing back in personal service to you. Now that all our locations are open (except for Price Hill which is under construction) we intend to change our email messaging so that instead of all of our customers getting the same email weekly, we’ll periodically send tailored messages to different groups of customers based on your needs and interests. 


Your New Library Website Arrives on August 17!    

On Monday, August 17, you’ll see a completely new web site that’s designed to make your online experience with the Library easier and more rewarding.  We’ve spent nearly a year working on it, including test driving it with hundreds of community members. Find out more about the new site and what to expect in this blog post.


Help for Parents Getting Ready for the New School Year Each school and family is facing a different set of circumstances this year, and all parents and caregivers are facing new challenges. You can read about how we're supporting students in this blog post.  The Library is offering a week of free, virtual back-to-school events August 17-21 that will equip you with tools to help you and your student succeed. Learn more



Featured Event: Know Your Rights: Interacting with Law Enforcement for Teens 

Fri. 8/21, 2 p.m.: Join Greer Aeschbury from the ACLU of Ohio to learn more about your rights! We will discuss what your rights are, how to exercise your rights, and what to do if your rights are violated. Some topics we will cover are general interactions with police, interactions with police in school settings, and interactions with police during protests. Reserve your free spot starting Monday from our brand new online events calendar!


Featured Resource: Practice Tests for College and Career Preparation Programs

The Gale Testing and Education Reference Center provides practice tests, study guides, and other resources to support a wide range of needs individuals may have when preparing for a career or building skills to advance their careers. Resources include, but aren’t limited to, practice tests for college entrance exams, graduate school programs for professions like law, education, and medicine, as well as proficiency tests for those studying to be citizens or demonstrating English language skills.